Denver Calling
We had a great time creating a historic Denver puzzle hunt in conjunction with History Colorado Center.
It was featured in Westword, Happening in Denver and Denver Post.

There were three songs that contained clues to the next location, along with lyrics blogs.
We invoked Barry Osborne and his band Distance Walk to re-imagine songs by the band in the narrative Atom Tan.
They had guest stars Felix Fast4ward, Michelle Roquet (Milk Blossoms) and Kalyn Heffernan (Wheelchair Sportscamp).
Here's an example

Also, all-original creations from artists Lonnie Allen, Don Austin, Roxann Diffin, Emily Hope Dobkin, Cassandra Elaine and Thea Hunt were featured.
Youths from Arts Street were asked to create "80's style concert flyers" for fictitious bands (of their creation) without the use of computers.
They all did such a great job, it was hard to pick which ones to use. We wanted to share all of them with you!